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CWP Class

*Please be aware that there will be an extra charge if you will need a gun and ammunition supplied to you.

All participants, regardless of experience must take a concealed weapons permit course in order to receive their CWP. Our course will go over everything participants need in order to pass their SLED assigned CWP test.

The concealed weapons class will be two parts, including a presentation and range time. The presentation will include the following:

-Handgun use and safety

-SC statutory/case law

-Self-defense techniques with a firearm

The PowerPoint presentation will be more like a discussion than a lecture so the time will vary but it typically takes from the start of class until around lunch time. After a lunch break, participants will meet at the range for the shooting qualification portion of the application. All participants should wear close-toed shoes and avoid loose clothing for the range. Range option will be discussed in class as there are options.


Note: We highly suggest that all participants with little to no experience shooting a handgun contact the instructor for additional practice. It's important that participants are comfortable shooting a handgun prior to completing the CWP course.

  • 75 US dollars
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